Stronger Every Day

I hope that this Blog will make you laugh, cry, and pray. I am not any stronger by my own power. I am not stronger by my own experiences. I am stronger every day that I lean on Jesus, My Savior, My Strength, My Friend.


I recently came across a video that was not very flattering to Obama.
It it "for entertainment only" and I had no moral dilemma sharing it on facebook, after all, I have made it no secret that I do not support the current president's policies.
Well, someone has flagged it.
I am pretty conservative these days. I have even returned one of my favorite video games because I could not stand the use of God's name as a curse. (Yes, I loved Mass Effect 2, but it is now back at Game Stop.)
So in efforts to support the FREE SPEECH of the anti-establishment... Here is the video... and the link, just in case!Obama says...

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