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I hope that this Blog will make you laugh, cry, and pray. I am not any stronger by my own power. I am not stronger by my own experiences. I am stronger every day that I lean on Jesus, My Savior, My Strength, My Friend.

30 December 2009

The End of the Story... or the Begining?

Ok, I know this request is a bit early, but I am looking for something one of my friends did for her daughter about 3 years ago… for Easter.

It is the Easter story in charms and trinkets that you put in little plastic eggs, in an egg carton.

If ANYONE knows what I am talking about, could you help me find the list. I have the egg cartons, and will be getting the eggs as soon as they go on sale, but I cannot remember what I am supposed to put in each egg, or which Bible verses need to go with each egg.

Thanks in advance for the help!


29 December 2009

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Alaska Coupon Diva: Free Samples

There is a great freebie for my pregnant buddies on this site!

Alaska Coupon Diva: Free Samples

27 December 2009

Grandma Would Be Proud

I had to ask my parents to scan a real recipe for New England Clam Chowder after being disappointed with too many pre-packaged cans. Wish me luck!